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How to Watch TVB Online Overseas 2023 Guide

If you’re a viewer of Hong Kong-based Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) shows and are visiting other parts of the world, you have likely found you cannot access your favorite TVB content online.

The Easy Way to Watch TVB Online Anywhere

TVB Online blocks access to their content from viewers outside the Hong Kong area.

Luckily, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to change your device’s IP address to a Hong Kong-based address. This makes it appear that you are in Hong Kong instead of your actual location, granting you access to TVB’s content.

Of all the VPN providers I’ve tested, I’ve found that NordVPN does the most reliable job of opening access to TVB Online. It’s also fast, streaming HD content smoothly.

The provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning it’s a risk-free proposition to give the service a try.

If you’re a world traveler, Hong Kong ex-pat, or just a fan of TVB Online’s content, this article will aid you in accessing and viewing your favorite shows.

Although TVB blocks access to their popular shows from viewers outside of the Hong Kong viewing area, there’s an easy and inexpensive method available to get around TVB’s roadblocks: a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

About TVB Online

TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) is a broadcasting company based in Hong Kong.

In addition to over-the-air broadcasts, TVB Online also streams its shows and movies to computers, mobile devices and other devices via its website and the TVB Anywhere app.

Popular shows include “Own Sweet Home,” “Think Big X BigBig KIDS,” “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” and numerous others.

Why Does TVB Online Ban International Users?

TVB Online blocks access to its content from viewers outside of Hong Kong in order to increase its revenue by selling that access to those viewers separately.

The network has set up “pay TV” sites and apps that allow access to TVB content from outside of the region – for a price.

TVB has even gone so far to get an injunction in Australian courts to force ISPs to block websites that allow viewers to watch TVB content for free, instead of having to use the “pay TV” service the network has set up in Australia.

However, if you have a subscription to TVB Online content already, why should you have to pay extra to access it, simply because you’re currently out of the country?

Most streaming providers don’t take this circumstance into account, leaving subscribers outside of the country high and dry.

How Does TVB Online Ban International Users?

When you connect to the internet, your Internet Service Provider assigns your device a unique IP address. An IP address is used to identify a user’s location and their online activities.

Perhaps the best real-world example would be your home’s street address. The postal service uses that address to determine where to drop off your mail.

An IP address lets internet servers know exactly where to send the content and other information you request, such as a show or movie from Netflix.

Your IP address is also how TVB can tell which part of the world you’re located in.

If they see you’re not located in their designated streaming region, they will block your IP address from accessing their servers. This prevents you from viewing their content if you’re not inside Hong Kong.

How Can I Watch Blocked TVB Online Content?

The easiest and most efficient way to access blocked content from TVB Online is to make it appear that you are located inside Hong Kong borders.

And the easiest way to do that is to use a VPN to change your visible IP address to a Hong Kong-based IP address.

While it’s true that you can use a proxy server to change your IP address, a VPN is the safest and most reliable way to do so.

When you use a VPN, it not only makes you appear to be located in another geographical location, it also protects your online activities with a durable layer of encryption.

Encryption protects your online activities, keeping them safe from third parties – such as government agencies, your ISP or a hacker – who would love to know what you’re up to online.

Which VPN Is Best for Streaming TVB Online While Abroad?

There’s a large number of fine options when you’re considering a Virtual Private Network to unblock TVB streaming content.

However, I have found that one provider does the best all-around job of unblocking TVB and of protecting your online travels from detection.


NordVPN Logo



NordVPN is an all-around reliable VPN provider based in the British Virgin Islands.

The provider does a top-notch job of unblocking TVB Online, as well as nearly any other geographically-controlled streaming service, such as Netflix and Hulu.

This VPN offers fast connections, optimal security and privacy protections, worldwide server coverage, and excellent multi-platform support. (Read the full review here.)

1. Connection Speed

Connection speed is arguably one of the most essential considerations when considering a VPN for use with streaming video content.

Connection speed is especially important for streaming, considering the 1080p and 4K HDR content that today’s video streaming services offer.

NordVPN provides some of the speediest connections available today, delivering more than enough bandwidth for the high-definition video that TVB supplies.

2. Multi-Platform Support

TVB Online is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers via web browsers, and it’s also available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

This makes multi-platform support vital for any VPN you may consider.

NordVPN has all of the popular platforms covered, with native app support for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Linux, and Android TV device platforms.

The VPN provider also supplies browser extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. Keep in mind, however, that the browser extensions only protect your browser sessions, leaving all of your other online activities unprotected.

This provider allows 6 simultaneous connections to their servers via the same login.

Luckily, the provider’s compatibility with a large number of router makes and models enables you to protect all of your home or office connected devices through a single access point.

3. Customer Support

I would not wish technical issues on even my worst enemy (well, not really horrible issues, anyway), and especially not on my readers.

However, chances are that you’ll need to ask a few questions of your VPN service’s customer support department during your subscription term. When you do need help, it’s reassuring to know that your provider will be there for you.

NordVPN’s customer support department is one of the best in the business.

The service provides an optimal level of support, with 24/7 bot-then-live support chat, a trouble ticket tracking system, instructions on how to set up the VPN on your device, troubleshooting guides and an easy-to-search support library.

4. Global Server Coverage

While accessing TVB Online content only requires a VPN that has servers based in Hong Kong, you’ll find that comprehensive global server coverage comes in handy when using your VPN for other online activities.

The more servers a VPN has located around the globe, the better access you’ll have to your favorite content – especially content that is normally blocked in your region.

NordVPN has over 5,500+ servers stationed in nearly 60 countries around the globe. That means that no matter where your coveted content is located, you’ll have an excellent chance of accessing it.


NordVPN is a reasonably priced provider that offers an excellent return on your investment. The provider’s one-month plan will cost you about the same as a large combo meal at most popular fast-food restaurants. The 1-year and 2-year plans carry a monthly tariff equal to a large fancy coffee and medium fancy coffee, respectively.

This provider offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it’s a no-risk proposition.


If you are currently residing or traveling outside of Hong Kong and want to keep up with your favorite TVB Online shows, I strongly suggest you take advantage of the content-unblocking power that NordVPN provides. The provider does a top-notch job of ramming through content roadblocks, expanding your global entertainment options.


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